Technics SL-1210 MK7 + Ecler Warm4 Bundle

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Save over £100 on this high-grade vinyl DJ set-up with a pair of legendary Technics SL-1210 MK7 + Ecler Warm4 four channel DJ rotary mixer!

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Save over £100 on this high-grade vinyl DJ set-up from Technics & Ecler.

Technics SL-1210 MK7:

While still maintaining the classic look and layout of the Mk2 and later units, the SL-1210 Mk7 has an all new chassis, tone arm and motor as well as all the electronics running it. Technics have designed an all new motor to be even more stable, smoother and more reliable. The SL-1210 Mk7 uses a new coreless direct drive motor that still has high torque and smooth rotation while the digital pitch control and new circuitry offer precise adjustment.

A whole new level of micro computer, circuitry and all round wizardry has been developed to keep the motor running smoothly and accurately. Although the pitch fader is now digital it has been created to operate just like an analogue pitch - inviting some added durability/maintainability. A bit like driving a manual car but still having a computer in the background helping things along.

The new tone arm is made of a lightweight but rigid aluminium to ensure the best sound reproduction and stability when scratching. The base of the arm is height adjustable with the usual settings for anti-skate and cartridge weight. All still with a solid build and acoustically isolated to minimise feedback and reverberation. SL-1210 Mk7 also features a new chassis design with the base made from an ABS compound for audio and vibration isolation as well as the metal body to give the same solid build and feel we are all used to.

New feet made with new rubber compound and springs also go towards eliminating feedback and improving isolation.

The pitch range is switchable between 8% and 16% at the press of a button. The pitch can also be reset to zero at the press of a button to instantly knock the speed back to ‘normal’. Talking of speed, the SL-1210 Mk7 has a third speed setting (which they kind of always had anyway) but pressing the 33 and 45 RPM buttons together you get a 78RPM setting as well. Makes sense when you think about it.. 33+45 = 78, quick math..

The platter on the SL1210 Mk7 is very heavy duty with think rubber insulation, again part of the constant quest to dampen and reduce any vibration and ambient pick up. Under the platter are some settings to bypass the 78 RPM setting, adjust the start stop time and change the colour of the LEDs. Yes, you can chose to have your power, pitch and backlit buttons as either blue or red. The pop up cue lamp is now a long life LED to reduce the chance of burn out and having to replace it.

Another great design change is that the power and audio cables are now recessed making it easier to position the decks any way around and they are removable. Making it a dream to replace and upgrade them if you want or need to.

Ecler Warm4 Rotary Mixer:

WARM4 is Ecler's newest rotary analogue mixer, inspired by New York's Paradise Garage, described by François Kevorkian as the "temple of music" and whose influence has significantly shaped some of today's best clubs.

Designed and manufactured in our Barcelona facilities, WARM4 is a mixer that keeps in mind the classic Ecler mixers structure, with completely redesigned circuitry and mechanics. This goes from the new PCB board that further improves noise level and dynamic range, to the front-plate screwed potentiometers, carefully hand-assembled by our production team. Keeping alive its innovative spirit since the first A4 mixer in 1971, Ecler introduces a dj tool never included in a mixer before: an analogue subharmonic synthesizer. Inspired by the original device installed in the Paradise Garage booth, we have created our own circuit that allows the subharmonic generator to be tuned to different frequencies so that the dj can adapt it according to the recorded song and the features of the sound system.

In WARM4 you will also find the 4th order Isolator filter already included in WARM2, as well as 4 mixing channels, 3-band full EQ cut per channel and Alps metal shaft high quality potentiometers. Using your favourite external effects module has never been easier. WARM4 offers you the opportunity to send the PRE/POST fader signal, as well as regulate and pre-listening to the amount of effects return. WARM4 is specially designed for sound systems capable of reproducing this type of subsonic frequencies, clubs, festivals and events where subwoofers are of vital importance. Bring to your audience an unprecedented experience on the dancefloor and a different way of feeling the music.
  • 4 Mixing channels.
  • 4 PHONO inputs.
  • 4 LINE inputs.
  • 2 MICRO inputs.
  • Master Output on XLR and RCA connectors.
  • Booth Output on XLR and RCA connectors.
  • Headphone Monitor Output on 6.3mm Jack and 3.5mm mini-jack.
  • 3 Band full EQ cut.
  • 3 Band Isolator (300Hz and 4KHz, -∞/+12dB, 4th order 24dB/oct ).
  • Analogue Subharmonic Synthesizer for sub-bass frequency reinforcement selectable per channel.
  • Maximum Output without distortion: 21dBV (23dBu).
  • FX Send control and Pre/Post fader selector per channel.
  • FX Return control and PFL.
  • Alps metal shaft high quality potentiometers.
  • Mechanized from a solid block of aluminium knob, without visible screw. Ecler Unique design.
  • Wooden side panels included.


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Technics SL-1210 MK7 + Ecler Warm4 Bundle

£3,197.00 £3,049.00