We’ve been fans of Ableton since day one. It’s no exaggeration to say they totally revolutionised the way the people use computers for making music when it was launched back in 1999. It would also be fair to say we’ve been waiting a little while for this latest update and Ableton have got a lot riding on it. Expectation is pretty high and on first tests we’re pleased to report we’re pretty chuffed with it.

The browser is waaaayyy better than it was previously (with extremely slick link through to MAX/MSP), the time stretch/pitch shift is audibly improved, there are more effects and they all sound gallus, the user interface has the same streamlined, slick look we’re used to and, perhaps most importantly, the new audio to MIDI function is absolutely incredible.

Basically, it’s what we’ve come to expect from Ableton: simple, effective and incredibly usable software with absolutely unparalleled workflow. You can order your copy of Live 9 here or order you copy of Live Suite here.

….and we haven’t even mentioned Push yet….