Been a while.. since actually posted one of these. Written hundreds of ¾ ones and not posted or forgotten about. I started one last week, but I canny see any saved drafts now.. either I’m bit of a computerer idiot, or they’ve been wiped by the “Shite Talkin Polis’. Maybe both. So.. as used to do, I just need to type something then post it. The main point of this blog is to share with anyone reading what I am actually listening to the here and now. I’m not saying these tunes are brilliant !!! .. or anything like that.. just that I’m listening to them right now, and if I type, then think good enough to bother typing about. You can decide if they are brilliant or not 🙂

So, I’m just going to go for it.. quick fire and list as they play. So info may be minimal.. a catalogue number if lucky.. but this one just taken off deck, so can give bit more .. WLS13 Fabio Monesi Pipe Dreams.. I’m actually educating myself, as if I wasn’t doing this, I’d have never know what that was called. Will I remember ? maybe the cat no. Staring to talk shite already .. baws.. anyway next on is from new Funkineven LP. First track D side. Actually very varied and good LP. Just on before, or actually when started to type was the think last track A side (sorry bluddy white labels:) .. that inspired me to do this here blog in the first place. An anthem ! for my back room at least. And I’m currently thinking it’s not that bad staying in, as this tune is better than any others being played out.. in the world… maybe. 🙂 I did just have it on again. Sign of a good record when you play it, then just put it on again.. in fact it’s on again. Freaky House shit. Hairy House. A Back Door Locking classic. I feel I’m venturing in to to too much info e.g. shite talking mode. Ahh it’s ran out.. I can move on. No more chat.. here’s as promised a more concise list of records being listened to of a late eve in McKay towers..

PRB017 Proibito. Ooft.. subtle belter. Love it. Melly Flying Ducks Lumigraph mix. Shout out to All City crew.. as it says on the record there. It’s actually on Where to Now Records. What a great and interesting label. 12′s are a buy on sight job for me. In fact I’m going to listen to some others. December – East.. love it.. and then there’s that Beatrice Dillon 12 (although canny find that), and the one that hooked me, the Lutto Lento 12… reminded me of like U-Trax, and Sonic Mind maybe.. just that era of proper techno. Anyway I digress.. and those are not even being played so shouldn’t be mentioned. Sorry bout that.

Back to the tunes in hand. Broken Call BC003 B1. Dan White – Brokn Toys BT11. Rhythm Based Lovers Number Games FT036, TTT – Trilogy Tapes… red label, two young Japanese Homies on front. B1. ISLE001 – 12th Isle .. fresh outa the the Central belt. Couple at least serious tunes on there. RAD-TRUMPET1, (there’s a story behind that, but that’s for another blog). RAD-LUDD1, RAD-NG1 .. also checked. TP’s just in. A few RAD’s coming soon. And here endeth my Central Belt Techno half hour. Moving on to other area’s.. there is good music coming out of other places in the world, rather than the central belt of Scotland you know. Apron 24. Belter. Don’t know who it is or where they are from actually, but I’ll wager they’re not from Bathgate. M Gunn album. Now I know he’s from the D . .. and not Dundee. 165 degrees.. that’s pretty good.. and definitely France. FD-001 Full Dose, AC-007, DABJ-1221. Ahh shite, back to the Central Belt Techno. Watch out for the album…’Now That’s What I Call Paisley.. 69′. !!

I’m off.. fed up of my own shite.. well that’s not really the reason.. but off to bed, but not before I post this. I was going to try and attach links to the records, and all that.. but na, maybe next time. Attach yer own links. Here’s a picture though.. of the Projekt vinyl cleaning machine. Without which, my records would have been skipping, sounding shite, and smelling of Red Stripe.

In fact you’re not even getting that.. text only.. just like it was back in the days before there were pictures.