Behold! The Eowave Ribbon! This thing is magnificent. It’s a monosynth, USB/MIDI and CV ribbon controller that is definitely eyecatching. I know some of you will be thinking, ‘yeah, we hear it looks cool but what practical use will it be to me?’ and I suppose the practical applications might be a little limited but that’s hardly the point. This is a controller that makes you think creatively. It works in an entirely different way to the vast majority of controllers available right now and you’ll instantly find yourself inspired as soon as you get your hands on it. On another note, it’s worthwhile considering the impact that this controller would have to the visual aspect of a live performance. Let’s face it, the usual electronic performance setup of one guy crouched behind a laptop possibly checking Facebook is the least visually inspiring liveshow going. Can you imagine how much better it would be if you could be cutting about the stage brandishing the Ribbon like a lightsaber? Well, we can and it is pretty sweet. If you fancy standing out from the crowd both musically and visually then you should seriously have a look at one of these. We absolutely love it.

To purchase or to find out more info on the Eowave Ribbon then please click on the link below.