Allen and Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer
Photo: Allen and Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer

Here at Rubadub we stock a wide range of the best modern DJ equipment and Digital DJ tools around. In fact, many of our staff are regularly to be found sweating over a hot mixer at the back of a club or bar near you, so we like to think we know a thing or two about the tools of the trade!

Whether you’re looking for DJ controllers, turntables, timecode vinyl & CDs or carts and styli, we’re ready to help. All of our DJ Equipment products are available for you to order online or pick up at our Glasgow store. We’re also official stockists for Serato, Native Instruments, Pioneer, Shure, Denon, Numark, Pro-ject and Ortofon among many others, so you can trust our judgement.

If you’re looking for turntables, we’ve got the cream of the crop. The current offerings from Pioneer, Audio-Technica and Stanton are definitely up there with previous club stalwarts from Technics and offer more features too.

If you prefer CD Decks, we’ve got that covered too, with budget options from Numark up to club installation standards such as the Pioneer CDJ-900 and Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus.

If you use Traktor, Serato or other Digital DJ Software, we’ve got a great selection of DJ Controllers to help you really maximise the full potential of Digital DJing. Definitely check out the likes of the Pioneer XDJ-R1, Native Instrument’s Kontrol series, Stanton’s SCS 4DJ Integrated digital dj mixstation and the Numark NV Digital for Serato.

As for DJ mixers, we’ve got something to suit all requirements, from manufacturers such as Pioneer, Allen and Heath and Rane. Today’s mixers really put no limit on your creativity by combining great effects and fantastic sound – go check them out!

If you want to ensure your party is sounding loud and clear, check out our PA and Live Sound section. We’ve got a great selection including products from Mackie, QSC, Samson and Alto.

A good quality initial sound source is the fundamental part of your set up. We stock a wide range of carts and styli including all the industry standards by Shure, Stanton and Ortofon, allowing you to get the sound quality and tracking ability you need. Check out our cartridges and styli.

And finally – if you’re looking beyond the club and want your vinyl records to really sound their best… then take a look at our range of great Hi Fi turntables from brands such as Pro-Ject.