Pam Sync is a FREE simple no frills DAW plugin for syncing Pam to your DAWs clock via low latency audio signals. It uses 2 audio (i.e. stereo) channels to provide a ‘DIN sync’ type signal consisting of a clock and a run signal to be patched into the Pam’s ‘Clk’ and ‘Run’ inputs. Once connected Pam will stop and start with your DAW and match the tempo.

It will only work with a ‘DC-Coupled’ audio interface. Check your audio interface’s documentation to determine if it includes AC or DC coupled outputs.

Pam Sync is available as a free download for both Windows (VST) and Mac (AU & VST).

Technical Info:

The left audio output from the plugin is a 24 pulses per quarter note clock signal and the right is a simple DC offset (i.e. gate) which is the run signal.

Please refer to the included readme file for installation and setup info.

Other hardware that uses the DIN Sync standard may also be syncable with this plugin (and an adapter) but we can provide no support for this.


The plugin is available for download for both Windows and Mac from HERE .