If you don’t love VU meters then there’s probably something wrong with you. The Akai EIE USB audio interface has VU meters. This can only be a good thing. VU meters aside, this USB interface joins an admittedly crowded marketplace but we think it offers something a little bit different to the competition. The Akai acts as a three-way USB hub (a pretty clever bit of design if you ask us), it has a whopping 4 inputs, which is pretty much more than any other interface at this price point, it has the good old, traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O and did we mention it has VU meters? It’s designed to be a one-stop shop for connecting all your music gear to your computer and thanks to the USB hub, MIDI I/O and the huge number of inputs it achieves this nicely. It has all the usual rigmarole of multiple outputs, zero-latency monitoring, combi-inputs and everything else we’ve come to expect from competitive audio interfaces but the seriously well thought out connectivity will give it the edge in our opinion. One to check out for certain!

Available now for £139 and it’s free shipping to anywhere in the UK

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