We are please to see the arrival of Korg's ModWave, WaveState & OpSix synthesizer modules.

These units come in a compact 4U 19" desktop/rackmount package, making them perfect for both studio and live usage. 


Korg Modwave Module - Wavetable Synthesizer

The Modwave takes the legacy of Korg’s DW-8000 and transforms it into a modern powerhouse. This synth features incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, stunning filters, flexible modulation, unmatched polyphony, comprehensive pattern sequencing, and intuitive hands-on control. It’s designed to deliver unique, powerful, and easily customizable sounds and phrases, all in a compact package.

Korg Wavestate Sequencing Synthesizer Module

The Wavestate brings Korg’s acclaimed Wave Sequencing technology to new heights. With the radically re-imagined Wave Sequencing 2.0, the Wavestate produces astonishing, ever-changing sounds that are both dynamic and expressive. Extensive hands-on control ensures you can shape and manipulate your sound with ease, making it a versatile tool for any musician.

Korg OpSix FM Synthesiser Module

The OpSix is a digital synth that revolutionizes FM synthesis by making it more comprehensible and controllable. OpSix's Operator Mixer simplifies FM synthesis while adding extra synthesis capabilities and improved programming. This results in a more efficient workflow and even richer sounds, perfect for both beginners and experienced synth enthusiasts.

These new units combine all the advanced features of their respective MkII Keyboard versions, offering the same powerful performance and flexibility.