Ok, I’ve been threatening to do this for some time now, so the time has come. It’s Friday night, it’s ten past Tennent’s, and it’s time to share some of the records that are rocking my back room tonight. I’m just going to talk some shite about about the records as they are spinning on the deck.. and maybe one or two of you will get some enjoyment out of them as well. So here goes..

New Numbers.. Goldffinch – Red Mask EP NMBRS18. Not just saying this cos some of the crew work in Rubadub, but the new Nmbrs is pretty hot. It’s youngsters beats for the more mature music listener. (I might repeat that line a few times over coming weeks/months/years)

Omar.S.Detroit – High School Graffiti (Scion A/V) Double pack of coloured vinyl from everyone’s favourite ghetto mo-fo Omar.S.(Detroit isn’t really his surname, but they seem to have adopted it for this). I like it though.. Marty Paisley. Joey Essex. I digress, but this is pretty tasty for fans of Omar S, Detroit, Paisley and maybe even Essex.This will not be available for too long.. and will never be repressed.

DF01. Don’t you just love coming across a wee white label in your work, taking it home with no clue what it is, and it turns out to be good. Or is that just me ? Turns out it’s from Etiku Records in St.Petersburg, and first release on their new label. That’s all I know at present, apart from it’s just good raw Techno grooves.

Maurice Donovan – Call My Name. Every DJ’s box is made up of nuts and bolts. And tools that you put them together with. This is an ideal DJ tool, for the more mature selector, eg me, with it’s old school House sensibilities. In fact it’s done by Ramadamadamadaman, who’s actually playing at the ‘Numbers’ night at the Sub Club right about now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing this to the masses right about… now ! It’s 2.30am CGT ( Central Glasgow Time). http://www.rubadub.co.uk/music/house/call-my-name

Talking of mature Techno.. maybe I wasn’t, but I am now, then look no further than Arne Weinberg’s Diametric label. New one.. Tangula – Eye of the Beholder (9-diam). I really loved a track on the last Tangula 12… I’m just going to try and find it right now.. 2 hours later… nope, not happening. I need to get my records alphabeticalised instead of doing this blog shite.. better change the record…

ooft. The unreleased, thus far, Sound Signature 12. SS-042. Typical rough lo-fi recording, but a Techno killer. Half of me hopes it never comes out, but of course the other half wants to import it, and sell it to my fellow music lovers. Theo’s new 12, SS-044 is shipping to us start of the week, and available from Thurs / Fri to buy. http://www.rubadub.co.uk/music/house/s-t-f-u I was also looking for my promo of that there, but it must be next to that Tangula record.

Steve Summers – In the Mode for Love (L.I.E.S) Long been a fan of Mr Summers, or Jason Letkiewicz to be precise. The only man who can out Virgo Four Virgo Four. Also adds his own slant to the old Chicago House sound. http://www.rubadub.co.uk/music/house/in-the-mode-for-love-ep

Erik Travis – I think I’ll save how good he is for another blog. Or blog post.. whatever you call it.

Ok, that’s it for Marty’s first Back Room Boogie Experiments Blog. The TL is taking it’s toll, and I’m in danger of ranting even more shite. I have no clue how these blog things work, but I’ll be back.. maybe even next week, when I might even get my Kenny Rogers records out.