Ok, I’m back again.. so soon. I’ll try and remember to hit the ‘post’ button before a week this time. Anyway, it’s Friday Night again, and I’ve not been listening to Pete Waterman on Smooth Radio for a change, so I think we’ll be ploughing the cutting edge Techno furrow this evening.

Well maybe not, the first record I’ve got on is The Beat Addict’s – Stand Up (Sweat-1) We’ve had this record sitting in our vaults for a few years now, and the time is probably right to let people know. Submerge have restarted the label, with 2, 3 and 4 due for release soon, with DJ John Collins re edits of Happy Soul, and Soul City tracks, that I look forward to hearing, when we get the vinyl in.. as of course I only listen to vinyl. This for me had been a label that just hasn’t put a foot wrong.. 1 release, and an 1 anthem. 100% success rate. I recently dropped (technical DJ term), The Choir Boys – Shout & Dance (Soul City) at the Rubadub 19th Birthday party oblique Virgo Four gig, and an inordinate amount of people came up to ask what it was.. well about 3, but this is in the same vein. Pure Detroit Gospel House. Get in touch with your spiritual self.

MNX006.66 Some serious electro bamboozlement from Dangerous Dan’s MNX label. I’m not just saying this because of Dan is a main man at Rubadub, but this is probably getting played at Dan’s Monox night in La Cheeta right about… now. 1.55am (CGT – Central Glasgow Time) Am I repeating myself here ? 6 tracks on Monox coloured vinyl, and now available for others to buy apart from the lucky few that Dan has sold to in the shop. Dangerous.

NMBRS17 – I think I may be listening to a Numbers record every Friday night for the next couple of years.. well at least the next few weeks, as they’ve got a few in the pipeline. I have no clue who this one is, as a white label, but the B1 track I think is a mix by Darren aka Actress. Like Cyndi Lauper on valdo’s. Absolutely Gallas.

I keep letting the records run out. I’ll need to start typing faster.. or talking less shite.

Daphni – Jiao (Jiaolong001) is rocking it

John Heckle – r136 (Tabernacle) At least think that’s the track. Whatever it is, I fookin love it. Freaked up, trippy Chicago House Music. Hopefully we’ll have Mr.Heckle down playing at 69 in the coming months.

BNJMN – Revisiting this following his recently releases.. currently on the deck RH-DC7 D3. and D2 just finished. Astute Techno.

Erik Travis – Don’t get me started. I’ve probably got a full blog or blog post, or whatever you call it, dedicated to the man that is Erik Travis. The Electro Prophet.

Markant… ditto….. except you might want to slit your wrists at the same time.

I’m away to listen to some gay disco.

Joe Coleman – Test Drive. Not quite gay disco, well depends how u look at it. Might be Hetro Disco. This is a bit more Northern Soul with Electronic Funk. And if anybody wants to argue, I’ll scratch your eyes out.

Think that’ll do me for this blog, I’m off into the Friday night abyss.

ps. It’s now over a week later from the abyss.. must have forgot to hit the post button again. In fact I was going to put up a picture, for ‘jazzing it up’ purposes.. but we’ll maybe leave that for next time.