It’s Friday night.. well Saturday morning now, and the back room boogie experiments are in full flow. I’m Marty.. don’t touch that dial..

It’s 69 time tomorrow night.. sorry tonight.. last Sat in the month.. so here’s a few of the tunes that I’m listening to just now, that I’d like to think will be rocking the club.

Hazyluyah – Too Many Ghosts (Delsin) New Delsin promo on tasty green vinyl. Couple of killer tracks on here that will get an airing. There’s a few forthcoming things actually from the Delsin, MOS, Rush Hour labels that are sounding good, and also in the bag.

Tr-One – Drum Dance (Apartment) John Heckle Remix. Again the Heckle sticks one in the top corner from 25 yards.

DJ F – 5 minutes before (Eleve) Second release on the Eleve label from Madrid. The label is unashamedly releasing ‘dub’ techno ala carte, but this is just techno to me.

Helium Robots – Crepitation – Running Back I think it’s on. Not really heard anything from the Helium Robots since their amazing Dissident EP’s. Next record I get from them has Theo Parrish remixes. I can only presume the guys from Running Back dug those records as much as we did.

Erik Travis – I am the Operator (2×12) Jack bought this on discogs the other day, and stuck it on the deck in work, then went away and left it. It was just sitting there looking as if it wanted to be played this weekend. I was only too happy to oblige. I’ll be dropping the Bank and Fighting tracks. 69 anthems of yore. Saves me looking for mine. Don’t tell Jack ! … in fact he’ll be lucky if he gets it back.

While we’re on the Erik Travis, I’ll also try and get in there ‘Who am I’ (FACT) ET-18. This has been in the bag every gig for the past last 8 or 9 months, and maybe played it once or twice. Tonight is the the night. Another belter from the Electro poet.

Tone Loc – The Fine Line Between Hyper & Stupid. Just found this again. Had the sleeve without the record for probably a few years, and just managed to match them back up now. Been a productive night. I have been missing this record. Proper Old School electro. Stripped down, bass and vocoded vocal…. Ha ha ha ha, Miami.

.. and the big one. Joy Orbison & Boddika’s new 12 on their own Sunklowun label. TP’s just arrived.. and as I don’t really listen to even the records we distribute until I get a vinyl copy, I’ve just checked this, and yes it deserves the hype. Pre sales have been mental and it’s not out til late Feb.. demand will outstrip the supply. It’s just proper Techno, whatever age you are. Good to see these guys laying this shit down. They don’t even have the vinyl tests themselves yet.. but if yer out in Paisley tonight, then we’ll test it there. World Exclusive. If it bombs, then I’ll have to say.. look guys, it dosny work. Ye’ll need to scrap it… and ‘rewind’ back in to the studio, and try again. However, I don’t think it will come to that.

And here’s a few others that were span, and I think made the box.. or bag these days, of the trolley variety. Is there many these days that still utilise the metal record flight cases ? I’m going to dig mine back out, fix the hinges and authenticate my old school ethics. I’m now thinking of Barrie, who rocked up to the club, with his records in a box.. cardboard, and his records all covered in snow. Then there was DJ Rotator, who flew in from Detroit, with his records in his suitcase. Anyway, I digress.. I was going to wax about some other records that I was listening to, that will be getting span at the club this eve.. but I’m not.. guess you’ll just have to be there. In fact I might just rock a blog, that contains the records that have actually rocked the club.. as none of the above might do that ! We’ll know soon enough. Keep it Unreal. MM