Been a while. I’m back for a short time only. Being that it’s our club, 69, tomorrow night… or tonight even, then I thought I’d share some of the tunes that are bagged, and set to rock this 69 in a few hours. (maybe)

I’ll try and be brief, and list some records that I think should be rocking (loosely speaking of course) the club, and not whitter on. You don’t really need a back story do u.. but we’ll see how that goes.

So here’s what’s on my deck now….Heatstick – Deviation (PAN29), Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – The Feeling The Force (Creme), Max D – Orgies of the Hemp Eaters (Future Times), Carl Davis – Planet E, Yon blue vinyl Bunker thing, Marcus Mixx on Fit, Aster – Danza (Hivern HVN014), Mutant Beat Dance, etc etc… and a few oldies that have made it in there. Laurent X – Drowning in a Sea of House (House Nation), Drewsky – Temper Tantrum (Nitelife), Moog – Lire (Rhythm-Tech)… and maybe some others.

Experiment Incest – Desire – Undergound Wave 3 (Walhalla) Couple of Belgique chaps from about 1985. Sounds like it could be on Viewlexx.

Stingray – Unknown to the Unknown (UTTU025) Has hit the mark for me in last few weeks, just when know that way when you’ve been listening to records for a few hours, and you don’t think anything additional is quite going to float your boat, well this did. Subtle and effective. Don’t know if it will be quite so effective on the 69 dancefloor right enough.

I’m trying not to wax / talk shite about records, but I can see I’m failing. Especially on this one…

Well that’s about it for another Friday Back Room Boogie Experiment. I’m away to listen to some good records.