It’s Friday Night, and 69 is on tomorrow night.. so it’s blog time. Really right now I should be in Berlin with the lads, at a good friend Martin Eriksen’s stag doo, with our backs to the wall in the Berghain.. but due to the heavy amount of new releases we have shipping on Monday, then I need to be here to make sure they get out and find their future owners. Which may be you..

Amongst them are the 122bpm Mitchbal compilation, MD001 – Mike Dunn Disco Edits, Koreless on Vase, 008More – Grand High Priest remixes-Bok Bok etc, PNEU-2 with Steve Summers Remix, new John Heckle on Mathematics, 2 Jus Ed’s on Underground Quality, and KDJ-42.. which we won’t be announcing, as I’ve got enough to deal with.. which is on my deck right now.. and quite appropriate.. ‘I gotta job baby, .. and I gotta work’. Tune. Oh and there’s a small repress of Sunklofree to deal with.. and there was me thinking I get through a blog with out mentioning Sunklo. Baws.

So here’s some other platters that are rockin the back room, and if the planets align then will rock the club tomorrow night.. or tonight even..

Disco D – Beat it (Alleviated), Madteo – We Do (DJ Sotofett remix) Wania, N&N Tracks – Untitled 3 (Boomchik).. collaboration from Neville Watson and Perseus Traxx.. and loads of other electronic House shit, with that ‘retro’ feel.

Absolute brilliant.. but what a wank. Retro is yesterday.. Vintage is last week. Old School is Borrheid High. I’m boring myself with my own chat. When you start hating yourself then its time to go to bed.

Not before I treat myself to a wee TL though…..