It’s been a while.. much longer than usual, but it’s time for another back room blog action.

I’ve been mostly doing weddings, birthday parties, silent disco’s (at weddings), and the likes in the past while.. so I won’t bore you with the records I was playing there.. well I might one day… as I never seem to get bored of them 🙂

I have also been away in NYC, and still a bit jetlagged I think, even though it was about 3 weeks ago. My first time there. It’s just like you see on the films. Taking of Pelham 123. Well we spent most of the time on the subway.. but when we did pop up overground we happed upon some interesting musical excursions. Coney Island.. where you had guys set up with their sound system on the boardwalk, belting out some quality NY House, akin the P Garage and Spiritual Records sorta vibe. Maybe about 20 dudes having a dance.. people out walking the dog, and some characters that haven’t stopped dancing since the 70’s. Best thing was, we were the youngest folk there. You wouldn’t get away with this in Saltcoats, without getting jailed or slashed.

Then we boogied on on the F train, up to the Mister Sunday party. Open air, decks uncovered, lights on the trees, food on the go, and even better NY house music.. and maybe few bits from Chicago in there as well. I couldn’t help but think.. if this was in Glasgow… would be waaay different. Don’t think I have to elaborate further. But I will.. Carnagerous I think is the word. Justin, Eamonn and Anthony and crew have releasing under the Mister Saturday Night label..

only 2 releases to date, but watch out for the 3rd soon.. by Anthony Naples, and there’s some other forthcoming belters by the Justin Timberlake look a like (without the millions), New Yorker. but he’s on the up. Check him out. NY is a bit of a hotbed of recent, with a plethora of labels rocking out from there these days, inc The Corner, Discovery, Mister Saturday Night, subBASSSS, Deconstruct, Love Revolution, Strength Music etc etc.. and of course Novel Sound, and the L.I.E.S. imprint… That’s provided they’ve not been wiped off the face of the earth by recent super storms !..I’ve been walking out my front door the last few days, into the freezing, horizontal rain, thinking ‘this aint so bad’.

Forthcoming Techno Point of note – Further delay on the Deepchord LP’s.. that have an insert with artwork, and photograph.. (that are framable).. well would be if the printers weren’t in New Jersey. We fear the worst. I’m sure I saw them flying down the boardwalk on the news the other night. Anyway, we’re sorting out.. and will be out soon.

What was I saying.. oh aye records that I was going to play at club.. last week. Got lost in a Back Room Boogie Time warp there.. next thing you know it’s the next Friday. So aye, this blog shit is meant to be about the records I’m listening to right now in my back room, and not talking shite…

Now I’m listening to.. Jeedo – Chaos / Scorpio (DTR), Tuff Sherm (The Trilogy Tapes), Legowelt – The Paranormal Soul (CJFD LP), MK on UTTU… over house, and Well Rounded Housing Project 7, and the other Well Rounded white I got today. Sounding good.. I feel a rant coming on…

Somehow managed to surpress that rant.. or more likely just caked it, as it’s now next Friday, and it’s time for another Back Room Boogie Experiment. Since we have a birthday party coming up, then I may be listening to a few of the tunes I’m likely to play there. Whether I actually blog about them is another kettle of fish. So like buses.. wait for ages, and two come at once. Or maybe even three. If you’re very unlucky.