These are getting rarer, but when the conditions are right… the inspiration… Will TTT, … the records, … these records that I’ve brought home today, and are so collectively good that I feel the need to share….the time.. I’ve ring fenced a couple hours on a Friday night.. or Sat morn to be more precise…and the Tennent’s… found a couple of cans in the back of the cupboard… when it all comes together, then you’ve just got to go for it, and share your shite.

Except, there’s no shite tonight.. just some of these beltin records I bought today. Maybe.


Waaooo, stop the bus. Shite on yer own shoes. Minute the needle hits this record, in the bag. Boom job done. I’d have been happy to have just had this purchase from today.

The bus doors are stuck, and I’m 3 stops past my destination. I think I’m heading for the terminus… again. Just as well the bus driver is rocking out the new Hard Beach Entertainment record, HBE008, Reflective Souls.. whoever they may be, the B1 track is sounding like one of those Detroit classics they play on the People Mover, or the number 19 from Ann Abor.


The driver has just mixed it into this double decker of a tune from Karate_Fix & DJ Sotofett. – Arjun (Sex Tags Mania 29). Now you know you’re alway on to a winner with Sotofett, and he likes a journey. You know the sort of records if you take it off before the end you miss something. The sort of record that if you listen to on the bus or a train, or boat or plane come to that, or even my Vespa, then it will take you on a journey, on a journey. And all for £7.00 (with your Techno Bus Pass)


I do love the cliche, that the music takes you on a journey. Especially if it’s a bus journey. Up the back with a carry out.

A Journeyman for me was Markant. When I listened to his records, it was like going on holiday. I used to say fuck going on holiday this year, I’m just going to stay at home and listen to Markant records. This TTT record I’m just listening to, is kind of doing the same. One minute I’m in Majorca dipping my toes in the sea.. in 1976, next I’m having a pish in the ladies toilets in Machu Picchu, and then Cleethorpes. Powerful stuff.

After all that, I don’t have the link, as it’s not on the web site yet. Here’s a pic. CS + Kreme on The Trilogy Tapes. and they’ve probably never even been to Cleethorpes.


The bus driver is know dancing on his seat in his under crackers, and I just said to him, “Here mate, can you keep your eye on the road”, he said “It’s not a rode it’s a Moog”

That’s time for this journey to come to an end. The bus has just pulled up at the Paisley terminus. It doesn’t matter where you go, on your travels, whether with your body or with your records, it’s always good to come home . And put on a Jesse Rae record.

The South Side Shufflers label, no clue where they are from.. probably Amsterdam, London and places like that, but I’m thinking maybe Glasgow, have pressed up these two Jesse Rae tracks from I’m guessing around 1995. Jesse Rae, a true Scottish legend, and dresses like one. What can I say in such a short time about him, as I’m getting kicked off the bus, but he was born with the the Funk, the B-Funk. Fresh outa St Boswells in the Scottish Borders, Zapped with the Zapp, gave the B-Funk to the P-Funk, and wrote ‘Inside Out’ for Odyssey. He is also not influenced by fashion.


For further research, check this. ..

But more importantly buy the record. It’s still brilliant even without a back story.

And remember, never get out of the bus, absolutely goddam right, unless you’re going all the Rae.