It feels like the Novation Launchpad MIDI Controller has been around for almost as long as Ableton Live itself but Novation have made some great steps towards keeping it entirely relevant and as useful now as it was when it was first launched

As well as making it class compliant with the new “S” version (so it will work out of the box without drivers for many applications as well as with the iPad) it now works with Image Line’s FL Studio too.

There’s also a spanking new package which brings together the Launchpad S and the fantastic Launch Control and some nifty neoprene carry bags:

So, you have the ability to easily launch Clips as well as trigger Drum Racks and other instruments in Live for structuring your tracks or live performance AND you have the additional trigger buttons on the Launch Control as well as rotary controls for tweaking filter settings, effects and other parameters with VST instruments. For less than £200.

What you waiting for? Check it out now!