In 2018, we were introduced to the first Eurorack release by Strymon... the mighty Magneto! We are very excited to hear we will soon be receiving stock of the new Strymon StarLab Time-Warped Reverberator! . 

There are three reverb textures to choose from - Sparse, Dense and Diffuse - each of which offer a different flavour. There is also an expanded reverb pre-delay with a range of modulation effects that can be used independently or in along with StarLab’s reverb.

Think the Big Sky pedal, plus much more and the added control offered by the Eurorack format. Can't wait to get out hands on it!

"Expand the sound of your modular rack with incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs, and enhance signals with gorgeous chorus, flanging, and modulated delays. Use StarLab to create uniquely expressive synth voices with Karplus-Strong string synthesis, and turn simple mono audio signals into vast stereo soundscapes.

StarLab is a single module that will completely transform your modular rack..."



We'll be shipping the StarLab at the end of November. Please get in touch if you have any questions. We are accepting limited pre-orders here