This is surely a contender for one of the releases of the year for us. Still Music’s compilation “22 BPM – The Birth Of House Music” tells the story of those two early Chicago House labels – Chicago Connection and Mitchball. Spread across a 3XCD and a 2×12" both releases are jam packed with rare Chicago classics and hidden gems.

“122 BPM is the story of how a father and his son changed Chicagos Dance music scene in the 1980s and went on to take the world by storm, leaving an impression that will last forever with just a couple of 12 releases the world would soon know as House music. Nemiah Mitchell Jr. and Vince Lawrence couldn’t have known what their contribution to House music would become. Their story provides the missing Chicago link between soul, disco, new wave and then House, between the radio and club DJs and their audience, between the old generation and the new generation. This is the story of the first House records ever made – long before Trax or DJ International were even dreamt of.”

This release is available now on 3xCD and 2×12".

The triple cd features a mix from Still Music’s Jerome Derradji plus a 28 page booklet documenting the the story of the Micthball and Chicago Connection labels.

Check the links below for the vinyl and the CD. Both are available now.

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We’ll be posting more scans from the era throughout the week. Stay tuned