Last month we got a shot of the Arturia Drumbrute.

Resident Rubadub Glasgow synth-head Aleks takes a look at the newest drum-machine in town, the Arturia Drumbrute in our latest demo video above.

Cop yours here.


To summarise: the Arturia Drumbrute is an absolute beast. A genuinely interesting and original sounding fully analogue drum machine. It has 17 voices, comprehensive MIDI implementation, multiple audio outs, stacks of sync connections and other connectivity, an intuitive sequencer, Steiner-Parker filter and dynamic performance controls.

If you’re looking for a drum machine for a live rig or something to smash out live-jams in your studio the Arturia Drumbrute is it. Neat and durable enough for the former but capable of the latter thanks to all the features laid out above.

logo-company-Arturia drumbrute-post


The team at Arturia have excelled themselves with the Drumbrute. It’s affordable, it’s fun and it sounds INSANE.

There’s so much to recommend the Drumbrute it’s crazy. However, if you’re local to Glasgow you don’t need to take our word for it. Just come see us at our store on 35 Howard Street and you can try one for yourself. As soon as we have them in stock that is! We expect to have the first shipment early December (fingers crossed). Just in time for Santa to load up and roll out.

Oh, and if you’re not sure where our store is then just check that here.



Massive shouts to Arturia and to Source Distribution who got us one to muck about on before release date. We made sure to give it back covered in the minimum of sticky fingerprints and suspect stains. Stock is due around start of December and pre-orders are still available. You can still grab yours if you’re quick right here.


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