A little while back we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the reissued Moog Minimoog Model D down at Source Distribution HQ in London.

Here’s what I thought…

If you want to deliver the ULTIMATE Xmas present this year then grab one here.


Let’s get this straight. This is NOT a clone. This is a straight-up, 100% legit, unequivocally arguably Moog Minimoog Model D Rev 2 from Asheville, Carolina. Unless you are in possession of an original from back in the day then this is as good as it gets. To be honest, even if you’ve got an original then you’re missing out on an improved (i.e. more stable) power supply, greater connectivity over CV and MIDI plus an extra LFO so…. yeah.

There’s that.

minimoog model d


Are kind of not what this machine is about. However, if that kind of thing gets you hot under the collar then fill yer boots here.

The beauty of the Minimoog Model D simply cannot be conveyed on a specification chart. I’m not one for getting all dewy-eyed and sentimental but playing this Moog was a completely different experience to playing anything else. The weight of history when you lay your mitts on it is inescapable. It’s all the more inspiring to use as a result. Worth noting too that it set the precedent for how every synth with a keyboard has been laid out since. For good reason. The workflow on this thing is amazing. It is a total pleasure to use.

minimoog model d


Once again, it’s big up the Source Distribution mandem for hooking us up with a play and, most of all, shouts to Moog.


If you want to pre-order one then you can do it here. If you want to try one then give us a shout on 0141 221 9650, visit us at 35 Howard Street or drop us a mail on info@rubadub.co.uk and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

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