As found in Octatrack, Model:Cycles or Syntakt, the concept of Machines has now also reached Digitakt.
There are now several new ways to play back your sweet samples. This new OS 1.50 Upgrade brings four different Machines, all with their own different flavor. Repitch for automatic classic beat-matching, Werp for a little quirky old-school way of time warping, and Slice - to chop up your audio and placing the pieces back in any order you like. And finally Oneshot, your default Machine for playing your sample forward, backward or looped. Again, again, and again.
To top things up we also added a new way to record your samples. You can now set a fixed number of steps for your recording. And, Sample Rate Reduction that can be inserted before or after the filter. Just as gritty as you like it to be. This opens up an already killer machine to a whole new range of sonic possibilities! In stock & shipping now HERE