PDTSan Francisco, CA - Sequential, a leading manufacturer of synthesizers and electronic musical instruments, has announced the release of the Take 5 v2.0 software update, bringing a host of new features and enhancements that further extend the capabilities of this portable polyphonic analog synthesizer.

This free software update includes an additional 128 Preset and 128 User memory locations, doubling the  previous sound bank size.

The Factory bank expansion is filled with imaginative new sounds created by some of the world’s leading sound designers and synthesists. These sounds range from classic analog-style patches to modern, cinematic soundscapes that will give artists a competitive edge in modern music production. Take 5 v2.0 also provides new synthesis features that dramatically expand the creative possibilities for sound design. 

The Take 5 v2.0 software update includes numerous new features and several bug fixes and is available now as a free download for all Take 5 owners at the Sequential website. For more information about the Take 5 synthesizer and its v2.0 software update, visit us at: https://www.sequential.com/take-5-v2-update


  • Double the number of Presets – Version 2.0 introduces 128 brand new programs created by some of the world’s leading sound designers. Explore lush pads, fat basses, and shimmering leads. With Take 5, you’ll find just the right sound to complete your latest track.
  • Expanded program storage – We’ve added 8 new sound bank locations creating a grand total of 512 program memory slots. Save all your latest sound tweaks and sonic explorations without worrying about running out of storage space.
  • Envelope Repeat – Create complex and evolving textures with both envelopes capable of looping through their Delay, Attack, and Decay stages.
  • LFO Slew – Beautiful smooth and organic modulations can be applied with the new Slew parameter available for LFO 1 and LFO 2.
  • Lo-Fi Effect – Go from vintage character to all-out “busted tape deck” with our brand new Lo-Fi effect. With controls affecting the frequency of wow and flutter as well as playback head azimuth, and tape drive, get ready to be transported back to the time-worn recordings of yesteryear.
  • Oscillator 2 Filter Bypass – Oscillator 2 can now be set to bypass the filter, giving programs the ability to sound both raw and full frequency, while at the same time, sculpted and warm, for a uniquely layered timbral experience.
  • Scale – Now alternate tunings can be saved per program with 65 scales select-able from this new program parameter. Choose between Indian, Chinese, Gamelan, and scores of specialized tunings from around the world.
  • Mod Destination Assignment to Vintage Amount – Send modulations to Vintage Amt to dynamically change the calibration accuracy of the synth. Go from rock solid to thick detune and back again without lifting a finger.
  • Foot Pedal sequencer control – Run out of hands and fingers for the big show? Use a foot pedal to start and stop the sequencer by activating the new global/Foot Function parameter.


If you are a Take 5 owner, we encourage you to download and install the v2.0 update today. We think you will be amazed by all the new features and all the new possibilities they open up for your music.


About Sequential:
Sequential was founded in 1974 by legendary synth designer Dave Smith and has been at the forefront of electronic music technology ever since. From the groundbreaking Prophet-5 synthesizer to the modern Trigon-6, Sequential has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible with electronic instruments, and has become a go-to choice for musicians, producers, and sound designers around the world.