AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of the Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 professional digital-analog hybrid turntable.

This game-changing deck is the world’s first to offer DVS control of digital music via DJ software as well as analog playback of vinyl records, helping you take your performances to the next level.

Never worry about needle skipping again when you use the PLX-CRSS12 in DVS mode with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox. The tone-arm-free playback means you can scratch a real analog record as vigorously as you like without fear of missing a beat. And when you want to play a record the traditional way, you can simply switch the deck to Analog mode and use the tone arm as normal.

However you like the decks to feel, the PLX-CRSS12 adapts to suit your style. By adjusting the rotation dial on the included MAGVEL CLAMP, you can change how “heavy” or “light” the record feels. You can also adjust the turntable’s torque level in the utility settings and there are 3 stopping speeds to choose from.

At first glance, you’ll see how the PLX-CRSS12 has been designed for fluid scratching and intuitive performances. And when you look closer, you’ll notice new features that enable a greater level of control and creativity. The battle-style layout leaves plenty of room for scratching and there are 4 MIDI-mappable Performance Pads too. You can also keep an eye on crucial information via the OLED display.

As well as the exciting features you can see, the PLX-CRSS12 includes a host of new additions which are hidden. Various components have been upgraded from the highly respected PLX-1000 professional turntable to create the best-ever analog sound from a Pioneer DJ deck.

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