Get the most out of your H90 with Eventide's new video manual.

Whether you're just looking to get started, or want to dive deep into the pedal's extended creative capabilities, this comprehensive 3-part tutorial by Eventide's very own Joe Cozzi has everything you need to get the most out of your H90 Harmonizer pedal.

Eventide’s Joe Cozzi takes us on an in-depth tour of the H90 Harmonizer. In Part 1, he covers the essentials like how to connect it, navigate the different modes, create your own Programs, and make controller assignments.


Joe continues his extensive video manual tour of the H90 Harmonizer. In Part 2, we learn about Tap Tempo, MIDI, and deeper options like effect tails, spillover, and Kill Dry.


Joe discusses global routing modes and creative ways to connect the H90. Learn about using the four-cable method, connecting to audio interfaces, and incorporating the H90 in wet/dry rigs. Learn how to use the H90 as a mixer as well.