Make Noise has recently rolled out a firmware update for the Spectraphon dual Spectral Oscillator.

Here's a rundown of the latest enhancements:

  • Sub-Oscillator Expansion: The Sub-Oscillator function can now be accessed through a Sub/CV output mode in SAM (previously exclusive to SAO).
  • User Array Deletion Option: You now have the ability to delete the currently selected User Array and revert to the Default Array on the current slot. To perform this action, while holding the SHIFT button on the Side corresponding to the User Array you want to delete, press and hold the opposing SHIFT button for 2 seconds. For example, to delete the current Array on Side A, first, hold SHIFT-A, then hold SHIFT-B for two seconds.

In addition to these useful additions, this update also includes crucial bug fixes. Therefore, we highly recommend all Spectraphon users to install this firmware update.

You can download SP38 firmware update immediately following this link