The poor wee Monotron has been a bit forgotten about recently but less we forget, it was Korg’s first Analogue product in the best part of 20 year and paved the way for the Monotribe, the MS-20 and all the Volca Analogue goodies that are making us so happy now…..

…so, time to celebrate their quirky analogue goodness! Korg are running a pretty fun competition just now:


To enter, they are asking people to create sound effects and/or music using any of the Monotrons or the Monotribe, for use in a computer game video “mash-up” soundtrack. Once they have chosen the best submissions, they will be used for the effects and sound track for our video to be release in the New Year. The best overall submission will win the grand prize. A special website has been created for entrants to submit their files at

What’s the prize? A pretty snazzy all -gold limited edition MicroKorg (it’s not analogue but it’s still pretty cool!).