Here’s a nicely understated performance video showing off the DDJ-SX and Serato DJ software combination. The reason we like this is that it’s a lot closer to how we see most people actually playing as opposed to having 30 samples all playing at once and/or playing MIDI controllers like they are heavy metal guitar players trying to fit in as many notes as they can in 1 second.

He’s mainly using the DDJ-SX which is 100% integrated with Serato DJ software straight out of the box (so no mapping or messing about and it’s proper Serato DJ, not a light or “Pioneer” version like in the past) but also has the Serato Control iPad app on the go for triggering samples.

Anyone who has used, or is still using, the earlier Serato SL1 box should check out the HUGE difference in sound quality between these older 16Bit boxes and the newer 24 bit circuitry (yes, even with MP3s).