Sontronics are a relative newcomer to the microphone block, having been founded in 2005 by Trevor Coley. They’ve got an incredible range of microphones that offer seriously high performance at affordable prices. Check out the seriously cool Saturn microphone for proof.

We’ve been pretty impressed by their output since taking the brand on and thought it was about time that we shared our enthusiasm for their mics. Current favourites from these guys include the aforementioned Saturn for that retro sound but we’ve also been loving the STC-2 and the newer STC-2X. Both are large diaphragm condensers that are perfect for vocals, guitars and a whole host of other recording applications. They are also, as we’ve come to expect from Sontronics, seriously good value for money.

Oh yeah, they don’t just do microphones either. Check out Trevor introducing the Chimera preamplifier to Paul from Sound on Sound here.

And all of this without even mentioning the ludicrous promotion they are doing…

Grab yourself an STC-2X and get the STC-10 free right here or here.