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4ms Ensemble Oscillator (Black)


4MS come correct once again with their beefest and most complex oscillator to date. The ENOSC boasts 16 complex oscillators unified in a single polyphonic voice, capable of summoning an insanely wide selection of tones, making it all the more impressive for its size and price. This little beast is suitable for a wide range of musical, and "musical" applications, and would be a formidable addition to almost any system.    

Functions: Oscillator
Height: 3U
Width: 16hp

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The Ensemble Oscillator is a unified polyphonic voice of sixteen complex oscillators combining additive, FM, phase-distortion and wavefolding synthesis techniques in new unorthodox ways.

By quantizing the oscillators to scales or series of harmonics, the Ensemble Oscillator allows you to explore the sonic boundary between musical chords and rich evolving textures. Easily create a wide variety of sounds ranging from aggregates of pure sine waves to pulsar synthesis or pristine harmonic tones and lush wide chords to rich dirty drones and rumbling glitches. Custom scales can quickly be “learned” and saved using a CV keyboard or by manually entering notes with the controls.

The Ensemble Oscillator is designed by Matthias Puech and 4ms Company.


  • 16 sine-based oscillators bound to intervals of a selected Scale
  • 30 factory-programmed, user-writable scales organized into three groups:
  • 12TET: all notes quantized to equal temperament, repeating over octaves
  • Octave: unquantized notes, repeating over octaves
  • Free: unquantized notes, repeating over the interval between the lowest and highest note
  • A simple method to program (“Learn”) your own scales manually or with a CV/Gate keyboard
  • Three Twist phase distortion effects
  • Three Warp wave distortion effects
  • Three algorithms of Cross FM for modulating the oscillators with each other
  • Mono or stereo output with selectable panning algorithm
  • Freeze button and jack to freeze the frequency of some of the oscillators, with selectable algorithm
  • Two 1V/oct inputs: Pitch (non-quantized), and Root (quantized)
  • High-accuracy, temperature-stable, eight octave range (-2V to +6V), can be calibrated to any keyboard
  • Six bi-polar CV inputs (-5V to +5V)
  • Two gate inputs for automated Learning and Freezing

16HP Eurorack format module
0.98” (25mm) maximum depth (including power cable)
10-pin to 16-pin Eurorack power header

Power consumption:
+12V: 114mA maximum
-12V: 45mA maximum
+5V: 0mA (not used)

Audio outputs:
Frequency range: 0Hz (DC) - 20kHz
Typical amplitude: 10Vpp
Maximum amplitude: 18.5Vpp

1V/oct inputs (Root and Pitch):
Voltage range: -2V to +6V (8 octave range)
Factory calibrated to 1.00V/oct
Per-jack user-calibration allows from 0.7V/oct to 1.3V/oct

CV inputs (other than 1V/oct)
Voltage range: -5V to +5V

Gate inputs:
Trigger threshold: 2.5V

User memory (non-volatile):
Scale slots: 30
Shift feature settings
1V/oct calibration settings


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