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Line Explorations | Soviet Space Research Institute | LE004


R&D firm operating from 2036.
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Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI) is a musical scheme led by Vladimiros Peilivanidis under the moniker Heinz Kammler. Similar to other HK by-products such as ITPDWIP (Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress), SSRI is influenced by early Soviet and Western electronix of the likes of Detroit, Bristol, Munich, and St. Petersburg.

ARPA Spatial Industries is a fictional exotic tech R&D firm operating from 2036. The SSR Institute is exploring the cosmic endeavours of ARPA S.I. as presented through a series of public commercials.

In this episode, we cover three particular commercials released between April and September 2036.

“ Xerum 525 “
A marvelous piece of exotic chemistry, Xerum 525 is an artificial compound developed by ARPA Industries in association with Bend Systems, the only company run entirely by Homos and not Digital Twins, or Self-Centered Intelligence.
While its source genetic code is blurry, speculations suggest that Xerum 525 originates from a combination of research conducted between the Hermetic and the Nazi eras.

In addition, it is yet unknown how this compound is being utilized by the tech giant, although most schematics, algorithms and patent filings subjecting Xerum 525 involve some sort of timestamp mutation protocols, hence Bend Systems is involved, a legal entity known to be tackling with molecular dispatch technology distributed through time “checkpoints”.

“ ARPA Interceptor ”
One of the most controversial spacecraft developments of this year was the proposed ARPA Interceptor blueprint, designed by the award- winning space- dynamics engineer Alexei Cherepanov.

Dubbed as the first commercial one-seater spacecraft, the ARPA interceptor is capable of performing a full cycle around our solar system in less than 11 earth- days and with only a single charge of its graphene- powered cells.
While the Interceptor is designed for those willing to pay the extra mile in order to enjoy private space rides, it is said that the autonomous aircraft will be able to intercommunicate with various ARPA stations all over the solar system, essentially providing metrics every time an Interceptor is at use by its owner.

“ A black cat’s journey to the other side ”
The initial propagation material is showcasing the first successful instant teleportation process as detected by the SSRI observatory. In this case, ARPA managed to transfer the physical representation of a black lab cat called “Pierrot” to one of ARPA’s MAS1-mission stations on Mars.

The technique used in the successful operation involved photonic technology, quantum entanglement principles and molecular-scale 3D printers.

Furthermore, the operation was a joint effort between ARPA, the space logistics giant Hermes 3 (H3 Interstellar), and Harvester Inc., a leading mining venture operating independently from Mars and the first legal entity run entirely by machines.

Additional telecommunications infrastructure was provided by Orion Industries, the company behind the popular TAF-1S smart hand-held device.

While critics suggested that the incident cannot be confirmed as “teleportation” since in essence the original subject was scanned, erased from existence, and reprinted on ‘the other side of the line’, adding that such a scenario holds bioethical concerns about whether we’re really transferring the real thing, or we create an identical replica, ARPA cits that this is the first step towards near- instant physical, digital, and biological data transfer over extraterrestrial distances.

“ Cold Summer ”
This is not an ode to the Aussies enjoying sunny beaches during December, but an audible set of frequencies tailored to transmit a Cold Summer Vibe on Mars’ capital Cydonia.

During the six-month long summer on the red planet, Synths enjoy the hills of the Southern hemisphere where temperatures can remind somewhat of planet Gaia (former Earth). The Sun is on a heating spree, cleaving the planet with gold-red rays of thermal radiation.

At that period of the year, the hills are a popular destination for romantic engagements, and hard-resets. Additionally, the hills are considered a must experience while on Mars for all interstellar intelligence.

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