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Building on the classic 6-operator FM synthesis made famous in the 1980s, KORG have added extra algorithms (including the ability to create your own!), four new operator modes including Wavefolder and Ring Modulator and demystified FM programming with a musician friendly front panel.

With elements like 16 step sequencing with motion record, a stellar effects section and full DX patch compatibility, the opsix is a tremendously powerful instrument, equally at home in a studio or live situation.

  • Harness the power of FM synthesis without excessive menu diving or requiring a PHD in maths!
  • A lot of hands on control, making what was previously a tedious form of synthesis actually super fun!
  • Classic FM tones on the immense preset list, but ability to create your own complex sounds is almost endless
  • Cool randomisation of parameters function, which often leads to great results one wouldn't have arrived at otherwise
  • Three powerful stereo effects processors

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Opsix from Korg is a six-operator FM synthesizer that brings FM algorithms to your fingertips with in-depth control over the sonic structure of your sounds.

Each operator can take the role of a carrier or modulator, creating or modifying sounds. Each operator's level and frequency ratio is right at your fingertips with the combination of knobs and sliders to quickly dial in and edit your sounds. But where the Opsix differs from most FM synths is in its embrace of "altered" FM, which allows individual operators to do much more than in the typical FM synth.

By default, FM synthesis simply uses frequency modulation to create the different timbres, but Opsix provides more variation than just that. Configure each of the operators to function as FM, ring mod, filter, filter FM, and wave folding, allowing for a huge range of sounds at the level of the operators themselves. The configuration of the operators' collective signal flow is an algorithm—and the algorithm determines much of the character of the sound. In combination with all the possibilities of Altered FM synthesis, algorithm selection can lead to results from simple layering to much more complex interactions. Load up one of the over 40 preset algorithms, or fully customize the routing to your heart's content. Each voice also includes a filter in line after the FM path, with models from classic synths such as the Polysix and MS-20 and a selection of band pass, low pass, high pass, and notch filters, with 6, 12, or 24dB/oct cutoff slopes. Add up to three multi-effectors connected in series with a range of effects types, including spring reverb, chorus, and decimator.

The sequencer is a 16-step polyphonic sequencer with the same motion controls found on Korg's Minilogue and up to six notes per step. An arpeggiator with optional latching provides another avenue of sequenced playing. 48-note polyphony provides up to eight-note unison with each of the six operators. If you need a little creative inspiration, randomized editing randomly changes parameters in a selected range, randomly shuffles values of a selected range, or randomly injects a noise value into a selected range of parameters. Three LFOs and three utility EGs, in addition to the EG assigned to each operator, make up the primary modulation sources. The LFOs feature a wide range of waveforms, including exponential sawtooth, stepped triangle, guitar-style vibrato, and smooth random with random levels and times.

Korg has taken the basic premise of an FM synthesizer and ran with it. This is a truly versatile piece of equipment, bringing the classic architecture of an FM keyboard with deep editing capabilities and incredible sound quality.


  • Six operator FM keyboard
  • Six operators with direct control over ratio and level
  • FM, ring mod, filter, filter FM, and wave folding per operator
  • Over 40 preset algorithms with the option for user-customizable algorithms
  • Filters include MS-20 and Polysix filters
  • 16-step polyphonic sequencer
  • Randomizer of parameters
  • Three LFOs
  • EG per operator and three additional EGs
  • Spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope
  • 48 voice polyphony
  • Three stereo effects processors with a selection of 42 effects
  • 37 full-sized keys
Number Of Keys37
Split ZonesNo
Modulation WheelYes
Number of simultaneous Voices32
Sound EngineFM Synthesis
MIDI interface1x In, 1x Out, USB
Storage MediumInternal
Number of Analog Outputs2
Digital OutputNo


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