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Norand Morphos Complex VCO


3D Morphing At Your Fingertips. MORPHOS is a complex VCO with 3D morphing touch strips, three modulation types and Through Zero FM.

  • Shipping June 2022
Functions: Oscillator
Height: 3U
Width: 28hp
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MORPHOS is the first complex VCO with 3D morphing touch strips, three modulation types and the most stable Through Zero FM yet developed.


3D Morphing creates entirely new soundscapes by morphing between multiple user presets, in three diffe

  • Each oscillator has a touch sensitive strip of 4 presets
    MORPHOS' preset strips are groups of four specially developed FSR sensors that can precisely detect vertical, horizontal and pressure information from the pressure distribution of your finger.

  • You can morph adjacent presets with your finger
    That is traditional single dimmension morphing, between 2 presets.

  • There are 3 layers - X, Y and Z - of 4 presets each.
    Each preset group is called a layer.

  • Enter 3D Morphing mode to morph between layers
    Slide vertically to morph between the X preset you're touching and the related Y preset.

  • Enter 3D Morphing mode to morph between layers
    The touch strip also detects pressure to morph between the X preset you're touching and the related Z preset.

  • You have 48 user presets to morph between.
    Distributed across 4 banks containing 3 layers of 4 presets each.

  • Automate and sequence your morphing with CV
    There are 3 dedicated CV inputs for the X, Y and Z direction.

Save space in your rack with our Contextual Modulation system and MORPHOS’ internal modulation sources.

Everything You Need Inside The Box


Using Norand’s Contextual Modulation technology, it is possible to modulate every parameter on MORPHOS. The module also provides 3 Modulation Modes - Attenuverter, Modulator and Ping Envelope - allowing you to modulate timbre and create drum sounds.

  • Attenuverter Mode
    In the classic attenuverter mode, the CV input value is multiplied by the amount knob, and the result modulates the parameter. The rest position of the amount knob is dead center:, in this position no CV modulation is applied;, going right will increase the modulation by a positive amount;, while going left createsby a negative amount (i.e a reversed version of your input signal).
  • Special V/oct functions
    On the V/Oct inputs, the attenuverter mode acts differently, it has 5 mode selected with the amount knob. At the center position, the input is the classic 1V/Oct. On the left, you get a 0.5V/Oct and 0.25V/Oct mode, and on the right, 2V/Oct
  • Modulator Mode
    In the modulator mode, the internal modulation oscillator is enabled on the selected parameter. Adjust rate and amount, and waveform to your taste, and toggle between low frequency and high frequency modulation with the type switch. You can use this mode with or without CV, if a CV
  • Ping Envelope Mode
    In this mode, the module expect a trig envelope at its input. When triggered, it'll send a ping envelope to the parameter. Adjust the decay with the rate knob, the amount controls the amplification. Get powerful drum timbre in an instant!

Digital technology serving analog synthesis to its full extent.

Versatile, Extremely Stable


MORPHOS let’s you push sonic limits with control, helping get the most from your modular setup. The two all-analogue, digitally controlled Oscillators provide very pure harmonics, 4 wave types and extremely stable TZFM (Through Zero Frequency Modulation).

Extremely stable Through Zero Frequency Modulation

Getting excellent pitch tracking with analog TZFM is quite difficult to achieve. Our custom oscillator design taken from Mono, was refined for Morphos. Thanks to its active calibration system, it tracks over 10 octaves, even at high TZFM ratio.

Synth Voice Features

  • Fully analog signal path
  • 2x analog oscillators
  • Continuously variable waveform
  • Thru-zero frequency modulation
  • Hard-sync

Modulation Features


  • 8x dedicated ping envelopes 8x dedicated modulator


  • 4 waveforms
  • Type settings : Free/Synced/Audio-Rate
  • Audio-Rate anti-aliased, quantized to OSC1
  • Free from 0.1 to 80 seconds


  • Decay segment from 10us to 20s

Memory Storage

  • 4 banks
  • 3 layers per bank
  • 4 presets per layer


  • Eurorack level audio outputs
  • Output level: 10Vpp maximum
  • Output impedance: 1000 Ohm

CV outputs

  • Voltage range: -5V/+5V
  • 1V/oct resolution : 3 cents of a semitone

Electrical Specification

  • +12V: 460mA
  • -12V: 90mA
  • +5V: 0mA

Physical Specifications

  • Width: 28HP
  • Height: 3U
  • Depth: 25mm


  • 2-year Norand warranty


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Norand Morphos Complex VCO