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WMD TIME WARP Dual Gated Voltage Slew & Envelope Follower


The acid style pitch slew effect has made it to Eurorack in a small easy to use package. You no longer need to dedicate more complicated modules patched in wacky ways to achieve this classic sound.

  • Gated Slew function for adding per-step slide to any stepped voltage sequence
  • Asymmetrical mode for asymmetrical slewing and envelope generation
  • Invert Logic for real-time performance control over the module’s actions
  • Full-Wave Rectifier – Envelope follower from incoming audio
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Finally, a dual slew, with the right interface, at the perfect size. Add some slide and smoothness to your patches on your own accord with Time Warp.

TIME WARP is a dual channel, gated slew module with some extra features that make a powerful and versatile addition to any Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System.

Its unique, Gated Slew function allows users to add slew to any voltage signal at designated times by sending it a gate signal from a sequencer or similar source. Switch it up with Invert Logic on the gate input, or use the switch as a real time performance tool for hands-on control over when the slew will take place.

With two modes of symmetry and a full wave rectifier on the input, Time Warp can function as 2 independent Slews, two A/R Envelopes with tied controls, or even as an envelope follower, taking audio and turning it into a useful envelope signal. CV control over the Rate of slew! Time warp puts all of that in a compact, 4hp package.

  • INVERT LOGIC SWITCHES: Inverts the logic of the GATE input. If the switch is in the up position, the slew will be enabled until the gate input is above 3V.
  • RATE KNOBS / CV: Rate knobs change function depending on the position of the SYMMETRY switch. In the left position, each slew is linear symmetrical with independent controls. In the right position the slews switch to non-symmetrical with shared controls.
  • IN / OUT: Patch the signal you would like to slew to the IN jack. The slewed signal will be present on the OUT jack.
  • ENVELOPE FOLLOWER: The GATE jack acts as a switch for a full wave rectifier enabling each slew to act as an ENVELOPE FOLLOWER. This mode is enabled when nothing is plugged into the GATE jack.
  • LED: Shows the state of the slew. The LED will be lit if the slew is enabled.
  • GATE: Use this input to toggle the state of the slew depending on how the INVERT LOGIC SWITCHES are set. If the corresponding switch is in the up position the slew effect will be enabled until the GATE input goes high. If the switch is in the down position a high signal at the GATE input will enable the slew effect

Size: 4hp (20.32mm)
Depth: 30mm(with cables)
Power: 40mA +12V, 40mA -12V

CV - 100k ohm impedance
IN - 50k ohm impedance

Gate Inputs:
100k ohm impedance
2V threshold Schmitt Trigger
Patching into the Gate input disables the Full Wave Rectifier

CV Outputs:
470 ohm impedance, zero-impedance compensating buffer
1V/Octave no drop
22Vpp range
Gain error: 0.1% maximum.
0.025% typical.
Offset error: 1.5mV maximum.
0.5mV typical


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WMD TIME WARP Dual Gated Voltage Slew & Envelope Follower