Here's a pictorial highlight from this year's Superbooth: Europe's biggest music tech get-together, where the bleeps are boundless and the beer & vegan gyros flow...

  • ALM Busy Circuits 

    The ALM Busy Circuits tower of power. This is the first place we hit, because Matthew & crew are stone cold legends who make highly useful & quality modules.

  • ALM Busy Circuits New Sequencer Modules

    Everyone was going ape for the new Sequencer (and rightly so), but this here Mega Milton, and the unseen Mega Tang (Compact eurorack mixer with aux sends etc.), deserve some serious love too.

  • Arturia

    Obligatory mad Arturia bus shot

  • Oberheim OB-X8

    Had to make a b-line for the OB-X8... absolute beast. Hard to convey how magnificent this sounds & feels. The build quality is absolutely second to none. If you're in any way interested in getting one, we suggest a pre-order from us here. Stock is expected in July, in what will be very limited quants at first.

  • Speaking of absolute legends! The guy in the middle was pretty cool too...

  • Over to see Christian & our friends at Elektron....

  • This is the first time we actually managed to lay hands on a Syntakt because we sold out of our first allocation in a few hours! Characteristically deep & powerful, we were having fun with the Dual VCO analog voices backed with deadly digital percussion. More of these in this week btw, don't miss out - order HERE!

  • Korg

    The "Korg Nipple", now completely a part of the furniture at Superbooth

  • The Mighty Erica Synths Perkons HD-01, a powerful digital drum synth with analog filters & drive, plus sends pre voice. We're now taking orders on these with a VERY limited amount due to land in July! Order HERE 

  • An Eowave Quadrantid Swarm, hooked up to a gong, outside...

  • The new Adam Audio A-series. These are up for pre-order from us now, here. They all sound exceptional, but we found the A44H particularly impressive for their price and versatility.

  • New Eventide eurorack module looked pretty cool - an interval based melodic sequencer. We were surprised to see such a module from Eventide and look forward to hearing more about it later in the year. 

  • Nice to see the return of Rodec! This modular mixer with 500 series slots looks pretty mad.

  • Korg NTS-2 Oscilloscope

    Oscilloscope. FFT spectrum analyser, dual waveform generator and... tuner! With this second addition to the NTS kit format, Korg have a provided us with a serious little studio tool.