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attenuator + attenuverter + offset.
A neat fader controller and voltage processor/utility.  

Functions: Clock Modulator , Sequencer
Height: 3U
Width: 4hp
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Manufacturer: Acid Rain TechnologyCategories: Equipment, Utility

Navigator is a compact, multi-use voltage utility designed to bring playable control to CV sources in your rack. The combination of normalled voltages and mixing allows you to attenuate, polarize and offset signals to modulate parameters exactly within the sweet spot of another module’s CV input.


Attenuverter input (1) is normalled to 5V when no cable is inserted, and the signal appears at output (2). Knob (5) controls the amount of positive or negative scaling of this signal.

Attenuator input (3) is normalled to 5V when no cable is inserted, and the attenuated signal appears at output (4). Fader (6) controls the attenuation of this signal.

If no cable is inserted in output (4), it’s signal is mixed at unity gain with the signal at output (2). This allows for a number of ways to manipulate voltage: - Use the outputs separately with no input signal to have a unipolar (0V - 5V) and bipolar (-5V - 5V) controller.

  • Insert a signal into attenuator input (3) and use the attenuverter knob (5) to offset the signal -5 to +5 volts at output (2). Amount of signal at the offset position can be controlled by fader (6).
  • Insert signals into both inputs (1) and (3) and mix them together on output (2).
  • Insert a signal into attenuverter input (1), scale it positively or negatively as needed with knob (5), patch the result from output (2) into attenuator input (3) and control the presence of the signal with fader (6).

25mm deep
11 mA on +12V, 8 mA on -12V, 0 mA on +5V


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Acid Rain Technology Navigator